A lot of initiatives exist around the commons and the libre thinking in the broad sense. However, the sharing of knowledges and desires remains complex. The micro industrial revolution announced by the introduction of fablabs in the rural wold is long to coming. The do-it-yourself, the repair of objects facilitated by digital machine tools and the interest that these latter arouse are a good thing, but it's not enough.

There is yet an amazing potential in these people (be they economically actives or not ; experts or not), in these machines, in these collaborative creation that tends to develop itself and be more democratic, but which have difficulties to be organized.

The SPIN project have thus to ambition to bring together these persons and their ideas, these projects and their means of productions (be they fablab, third place, private or public workshop, or anything else) inside a common and decentralized platform. It is intended to be the result of a public consultation in order to refine every aspects of it. This is a large-scale program which covers extensive aeras, but with the help of everyone - with your help - we will manage to define the key features to its constitution. The tracks to implements, both practical and theoritical, are under discussion :

Allowing a facilitated projects gestation with neither geographical nor economics constraints.
→ An idea left by a person in North America could be adopted collectively in Asia, in Africa and in Europe (parallel work (fork) or simultaneously)

Building a peer-to-peer platform comprised of always up-to-date bricks.
→ It could work on a container / content system. Thus, a web page would be no more than a text file (flatfile) whose key informations would be limited to media, texts and metadata : this is the content. A framework including the markup langage would allow to recover these informations and would lay out the content on the user's device (mobile, desktop) : this is the container.

Defining an economical and social doctrine.
→ A cryptocurrency could be introduced, and a common fund could allow to finance big project or common tools (free / libre software)

Determining the trading scheme (both economic and social) security.
→ It could be based on the blockchain technology : a distributed database, transparent, secure, and functioning with no central review body.

Ensuring the commons using reciprocity license during exchanges with the entrepreurial landscape.
→ Following Michel Bauwens's reflection on the « entredonneurship » (entrepreneurship commons oriented), a partnership model, or better, collaborative, between professionals and peer-to-peer platform, could emerge. The licence could thus compel undertaker / « undergiver » to pay a tax when they use an element developped by the community. This could finance the commons : evolution of the platform, commond fund, redistribution of gains to the community's members.

To achieve these different goals, the platform is intended to be resolutely farsighted : it is the result of the commons. Thus, whether you are an expert or not, the SPIN project can't be set up without your help. Come to meet us to discuss about it and to think its implementation with us.